Organisational consulting

Nord Est Congressi works alongside its clients from the very first stage in the planning of the event. The “project manager”, i.e., the person in charge who will then follow the general co-ordination of the initiative, studies and shapes the general configuration of the event together with the client.

Administrative Consulting and Economic Management

Nord Est Congressi provides consultation for the administrative management of the event and manages the related financial flows.

CME Accreditation

As an Italian CME Provider, registered with AGENAS under reference number 1682, Nord Est Congressi manages all CME accreditation procedures for both residential and remote events.

Distance Learning and Online Congresses

Nord Est Congressi uses a purpose-built web platform that allows interactive content delivery, user management and statistics analysis and has an interface designed to provide the best user experience.

Pre-congress and congress secretariat

Nord Est Congressi takes care of the pre-congress and congress secretariat work through state-of-the-art management software allowing a computerised management of the scientific programme, the collection of registrations and abstracts, and all the various organisational phases, with particular attention to the management of communication and information dissemination through the most advanced technologies.

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