Scientific Communication

Nord Est Congressi proposes the best and most innovative solutions for every type of event, from small courses,
distance learning, local and national conferences, up to large world congresses,
and works alongside its clients from the very first stage
in the planning of the event.

Distance Learning and
Online Congresses

Nord Est Congressi uses a purpose-built web platform
that allows interactive content delivery,
user management and statistics analysis
and has an interface designed
to provide the best user experience.

Our guiding values


A deep knowledge of the local area, the relations established over the years with the pharmaceutical and biomedical industry, the experience gained in solving the problems arising from the application of regulations governing the implementation of medical-scientific events and education are the qualities that Nord Est Congressi uses to successfully meet the challenges posed daily by the evolution of training methodologies in the healthcare field.


The activity of Nord Est Congressi is characterised by our ability to provide the widest range of customised services, by working alongside the client and proposing the best and most innovative solutions for every type of event: from small courses, distance learning, local and national conferences, up to large world congresses and the various types of virtual events which have become increasingly popular in recent years.


Close relations with the pharmaceutical industry and experience in applying national regulations enable Nord Est Congressi to successfully meet the challenges posed by evolving training methodologies in healthcare. More than 3000 events organized during 30 years of activity are at the basis of a deep knowledge of the multifaceted structure of medical-scientific events.


Since 2011, Nord Est Congressi has been an Italian CME provider accredited by the Ministry of Health and is a qualified partner in high-level training projects. The goal is to ensure the success of the event and enhance its uniqueness by using cutting-edge management and technical solutions and building a relationship of esteem, trust and constant collaboration with its clients.

Our Team

Donatella Comelli


Elisa Malutta

Vice president

Francesca Del Favero
Flavia Parisi
Camilla Scrazzolo
Giulia Tomada

Project Leader

Linda Bosco
Eugenia Ceschiutti
Alessia Parisi
Federica Vescini

Project Assistant

Elena Nordio
Paola Moretti

administrative staff


Our Vision

We want to be a single partner able to meet all client requirements and expectations: providing consultation to choose the event venue, drawing up the event project, taking care of the administrative and accounting secretariat work, developing the entire traditional and digital communication line of the event, searching for sponsors and organising technical and operational services.

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